Starting off as the graphic designer for the Dallas chapter of the United Muslim Relief, a non-profit organization, my job was mainly in making sure that every event had a campaign strategy, including designs for flyers, posters, and social media. Eventually, that role carried on over to collaborating with UMR’s national chapter—designing and directing the campaign strategies of events held in other states.

Utilizing photo-editing skills, illustration, original photography, and typeface research, I made sure each campaign carried a look that fit to the message it was trying to deliver. If the events were formal (fundraisers, meetings, etc.), the design work would be more minimal and focus mainly on remaining informative. If the campaign strategy was meant more for a “Call to Action” campaign, like a toy drive for children, the design principles were less restricted and more imaginative—the goal being to make the audience inspired enough to do something.


Graphic Design
Campaign & Branding Strategy