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Trade ‘Em

Trade ‘Em is designed to keep merchants and customers connected together through allowing users to store gift cards, punch cards, and promotional items in the app’s digital wallet. From there, the user can choose to trade the cards they don’t need and keep track of what they use most.

The job here was to reexamine the app’s interface and make a new design. I focused on two main things - decluttering and reorganizing the interface, and making the app easier to navigate while in almost any lighting condition. Since this app is meant to be used while on the go, both indoors, and outdoors, the ease of use was crucial.

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For the design, I placed an emphasis on a dark-mode UI, while brightening the main violet branding colors. Since smartphones are steadily shifting more towards AMOLED screens, a black interface would be beneficial for readability while traveling, with bright and saturated colors allowing users to easily see what they want to access as fast as possible. Basically, when you’re trying to use a gift card from your phone at a Starbucks, you want to make sure that you’re not holding up the line behind you.


Visual UI Design (Concepts)

3 weeks


The redesigned screens (Original designs below)

The original design layout for the app’s newsfeed (center) and merchant profile (left & right) pages