Tarski Tech

Tarski Tech is an Emerging Technology Consulting group dedicated to strategic development. Leveraging its blockchain expertise, Tarski helps partners work in industries such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML), eSports, Fintech and Cloud/Big Data Transformation.

My work mainly involved helping establishing the identity of the company. Considering the fact that this particular company deals primarily in blockchain technology, the goal was to figure out how the brand could make the most inviting and least intimidating first impression on its customers.

portfolio color coding.png

For the brand’s overall color identity, I chose to go with a cool palette of light blue and aqua tones—colors widely considered to evoke feelings of calmness, responsibility, and trust. The important thing was visually communicating a sense of comfort for the client and ensuring a sense of responsibility on the brand’s end. Ideally, the customer knows that they made the right call picking this company, and the company’s effectively communicated that they know exactly what they’re doing in their line of work.

Tarski Tech is named after Alfred Tarski, the mathematician behind the Banach–Tarski Paradox: a theorem in set-theoretic geometry, which essentially states that a ball be decomposed into a finite number of point sets — and reassembled into two balls identical to the original. 

That theorem is where Tarski Tech gets its logo from — two stylistically designed T’s that are shaped from the pieces of one letter T. 


Website Graphic Design
Brand Identity
Branding Colors
Logo + Typography

2 months

tarski logo new.png