nice to meet chew

Nice to Meet Chew is an app designed to help connect professionals and match them together for dining reservations. It takes the hassles of planning out meet-ups with new colleagues so that you can put more focus on socializing. 

The job here was to build an interface for the app from the ground up, establishing a foundation for the app’s branding along the way. 

With around 25 screens in total, the designs comprised a login page, a sign-up process, a home page where the user picks their dining preferences, a profile page, a page for the reservation made, and a page for the group chat.

Because the app is meant to be as inviting and friendly as possible, I focused on calligraphy for the branding — with the logo done by hand and refined in Photoshop. 

3Group 3.png


Visual UI Design

2 months

ntmc copy 2.png