eagle gun range / lewisville, tx




When it comes to my work in web design, every project I've essentially done has been for local businesses. One of the ways I practice improving how I work is by coming up with mock-ups of websites for different businesses that I end up coming across or visiting in the area. 

Just recently I went to a shooting range for the first time in my life at Eagle Gun Range, and it was an amazing experience just because of how hospitable they were when it came to newcomers and beginners. 

Considering that shooting ranges are basically tradition for Texas culture, I wanted to try out my own take on their website's landing page.

The original layout for the website, as of May 2017.



With how it's designed in its current state, the main page does exactly what it needs to. There's a proper home page with a small summary about the range itself, social links, the location of the range, hours, testimonials - everything a customer would need to know about the business before visiting it. So how would I approach trying to improve it?

I tried to look at the website from the mindset of someone completely new to firearms - as I was prior to visiting the range itself. The goal wasn't just to try making the website look nicer; I wanted to try establishing an easier way way for newcomers to find out what they need to know before making plans to visit. 

The initial layout draft

As I started working on a layout, I wrote down a few notes on where changes could be made:

  • Instead of the links to information on Concealed Handgun Licenses and competitive events that follow the "Welcome" introduction to the range, add a section that addresses those that might be coming to the website for the first time. 
    • Range Rules and Pricing would now be immediately below the introduction, eliminating the need to navigate through the "About" tab to find those pages.
  • Bring the location and hours from the top banner/header down to a more focused viewpoint.
  • Leave the "Latest News" and blog posts to be accessed through the navigation bar, allowing the landing page to look simpler and bring more attention to direct information on the range.



Process & Result

After completing a layout for the design, I started work on the actual design itself.

  • Fonts used: Neue Haas Grotesk and Proxima Nova
  • Primary colors: Black and Gold

The outline of the gun that makes up the eagle's wings in the logo is a based off an actual pistol called the Baby Desert Eagle. I just realized how cheesy that idea was while typing it out...

The final full-length page. The concept implements a parallax effect with a background photo that'll be shown in the pictures below.

The starting top of the landing page. The banner retains the slideshow feature from the original website's design. Locations and hours are moved to the banner's default photo.

Once the page is scrolled past the landing banner, the header scrolls out of sight as well - the navigation bar remains.

The newsletter and testimonials sections remain at the bottom like the original website's design. Social media links are placed at the footer.

The most important thing for this redesign was that it gives a more friendly interface to newcomers visiting the website. One thing I learned early on about Eagle Gun Range was that they heavily emphasize on following the rules and keeping safety in mind. Considering that trying something new can always be a stressful thing for people, my focus was on taking away multiple sections and leaving only the absolute basics in place for the home page.